How to Settle Your Pet with a New Human, Animal or Family Member

Whether you're welcoming a new fur baby home for the first time, or are delighted to have adopted a dog or cat, the first introductions can be a nerve-wracking time!

We all want our favourite pets and of course our family members to get along, and so the settling in period is a transition for everyone.

The AllPetSolutions team has put together our top tips for a smooth, stress-free introduction to help your new puppy or kitten feel happy and safe in their new home.

Settling in Puppies and Cats

Our tips for both felines and canines are similar; because both have the same requirements for a calm and gentle settling in period.

  1. Give them a safe space.

Both cats and dogs need somewhere quiet and peaceful, where they can process all the excitement and nerves that come with meeting their new family. For dogs this is often a crate with a soft, snuggly bed somewhere they won't be disturbed.

For cats and kittens, a spare room or quiet space works equally well. Make sure your new arrival has access to their food and water, a comfy place to rest and a litter tray or toilet training pads for a puppy.

  1. Keep familiar scents around.

Remember that a new dog or cat may be a little scared and anxious. This is normal, and if they don't leap into your lap with joy, it just means you need to give them a little time to adapt.

A great way to help them feel safe is to bring something with them; a blanket, bed, or toy from their breeder, litter or rescue centre will give them something familiar to comfort any worries.

Likewise, keep their food and routine as consistent as possible. By using the same food and treats you avoid any sudden changes in diet that can make puppies and kittens quite poorly, and when they feel confident they understand the routine, this helps them to settle in much faster.

  1. Take your time.

A new puppy or kitten is incredibly exciting, but it is also likely the first huge transition they have ever made! Noisy kids, different smells, an unfamiliar home and a different bed, can come as a shock to the system, so try and avoid petting your new dog or cat if they are feeling shy, and let them come to you on their own terms.

Once your new fluff has settled in and feels more confident, their personality will quickly emerge.