Do I Really Need Pet Insurance?

Pets insurance can seem pricey - and if you have an older moggie or a retired pup, even more so!

Many animal lovers have the tough choice of investing in insurance for pets or running the risk of needing to pay out of pocket if they become ill or suffer an accident.

Millions of pet insurers are out there, so the first advice we'd give is to shop around. Some plans cater specifically to older pets, some are focused on particular species, and there is a vast range of premiums, policies, excesses and coverage to choose from.

Whatever pet you have, the AllPetSolutions team would always recommend you consider taking out pets insurance to be sure your fluffy friends will get the treatment they need if anything happens.

How Can I Keep My Pets Insurance Costs Down?

There are lots of things you can do to help minimise the cost of your pet insurer premiums - and the likelihood that you'll ever need to use the policy!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Opt for excellent quality cat flaps! If your kitty goes missing and is injured, it can be costly, so if you know they're secure in the house overnight, or when you're not about to keep an eye on them, the risk of accidents instantly drops.
  • Always have your pet microchipped - and ensure their dog collar or cat collar is the right fit.
  • Make sure you have a durable, non-slip dog lead so your dog can't run off or risk an injury when out on your dog walks.
  • Feed your pet a nutritious diet. Many pet illnesses occur because they've eaten something unsuitable, so buying quality health and wellbeing food for dogs or cats is a great way to ensure they're in tip-top shape.

Many insurance for pets policies will drop if you can show that you're taking great care of your pet - and reduce any likelihood they'll get themselves into trouble and need treatment from the vet!