Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Trays?

Most cats prefer closed litter trays, with a lid. Hooded cat litter trays mean they are safe from prying eyes and feel comfortable and secure. However, that doesn't apply to all kitties!

Let's run through the different types of cat litter box, and their pros and cons:

Closed Litter Trays

As we say, many cats like a covered box. These options keep bad smells at bay, and are usually popular with our cats!

One factor to consider is that you will need to clean the litter and swap out the litter tray liners, so it's best to opt for a box with an easy catch release or removable lid for fast cleaning.

They'll also need to be the right size (imagine trying to squeeze into a tiny portaloo and you'll see why!). Large breeds need large litter trays, and even more so if they are enclosed.

Open Litter Trays

For bigger cats, an open litter tray is often a better option. These are the best cat litter trays for kitties that tend to be anxious about small spaces, or feel more confident if they can keep an eye on everything around them.

Using litter tray liners is a good way of avoiding any odours, as well as having a litter scoop on hand to deal with any messes quickly.

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Another option is a self-cleaning box, and perfect for cat owners who hate scooping! Generally, you'll still need to wipe down the litter box, and should ideally opt for a clumping, highly quality cat litter to avoid any smells building up.

Low-Sided Cat Litter Trays

It's essential to think about your cat when choosing their litter tray. Older felines with stiff joints need a low-sided tray they can easily climb into, and the same applies to smaller kittens that might struggle with a higher door on an enclosed litter box.

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