New KONG Products at AllPetSolutions

This month we’ve launched over 20 new dog toys from KONG that are sure to provide hours of fun for your canine friend.

KONG Dog Toys are known for encouraging play and offering enrichment whilst helping prevent behavioural challenges.

Original KONG dog toy

Their famous original Red KONG has become the staple for dogs around the world for over forty years and it comes in four different sizes:

  • KONG Puppy Toy – designed for puppy teeth and gums, the softest in the range
  • KONG Senior Dog Toy – for light chewers
  • KONG Classic – designed for most adult dogs
  • KONG Extreme – designed for extreme chewers

The unique design of these toys means you can stuff them with tempting bits of kibble or a dash of peanut butter to extend the playtime.

For tug and toss game, the KONG Wubba™ is ideal for satisfying your dog’s shaking and tugging instincts. If you’d rather play some fetch and teach your dog how to retrieve, KONG’s Wubba Floppy Ears toy is a perfect choice. Dogs love to squeak and shake Floppy Ears back and forth for endless fun.

Kong Puppy Toy Range

KONG Puppy Liver Treat

KONG Puppy toys have been designed to help young dogs in learning appropriate chewing behaviour.

The KONG Puppy Goodie Bone™ with Rope engages puppies that delight in chew sessions, while the all-natural cotton rope making it an ideal toy to fulfil a puppy's instinctual needs. If you’re trying to teach your pup how to play fetch, the KONG Puppy Flyer is perfect for it and it soothes sore teeth and gums!

You can also use the KONG Puppy Easy Treat, gentle on puppy tummies, to further enhance their playtime. Its delicious chicken liver flavour is irresistible.

See our full range of KONG Toys here.