New Pet Grooming Clippers Kit at AllPetSolutions

What Are The Pet Grooming Essentials?

When it comes to dog grooming products, one of the essential supplies that every pup owner needs is a reliable, robust pair of dog clippers!

AllPetSolutions is excited to launch our BRAND NEW Pet Grooming Kit, with a complete set of blades and combs to ensure every breed and size of pooch is stepping out in style this autumn.

This is the ultimate dog grooming set and designed to provide a comprehensive kit that suits every doggie owner, with a lightweight grip that is as easy to use as it is accurate. With no less than four different length guard combs, you can get artistic with your dog clipper styles, and manage the tangliest and longest coats with ease.

Our new clippers for dogs aren't just tough - they're also low noise, which means anxious pups and younger dogs will enjoy their pampering session without the nerves that high pitched buzzing can cause.

These are the best clippers for dogs yet, and are versatile and tough enough to use on any pet hair; including horses and cats if you're a multiple pet household!

Design Features

The AllPetSolutions design team opted for a convenient USB charger, so you can groom inside or outdoors, without the fuss of power cables (which is perfect for those flyaway pet hairs that seem to travel at will!).

What's more, the three adjustable blades and powerful trimming functions finish the job faster, with an innovative free-fall motion that prevents hair from clogging up the trimmer - and turns a quick groom into an exercise in patience.

Our clippers for dogs are designed with comfort, convenience, and precision in mind, and come complete with blade oil and a cleaning brush, for a slick trim that will have your pooch ready for the season in a flash.

Snag your Pet Grooming Clippers Kit today  with FREE same day shipping on every order placed before 4 pm! We are delighted to have designed our best dog clipper ever and know you'll agree that high-quality dog grooming products make taking care of that winter coat something enjoyable for both you and your paws.