New Premium Clumping Cat Litter With Maximum Odour Control at AllPetSolutions


Our brand new Premium Clumping Cat Litter, formulated with a unique activated carbon base to keep those pesky fragrances at bay!

Our best cat litter range is entirely non-toxic, so it is safe for the smallest kittens, and every other member of your family (furry or otherwise!).

Not only does our premium litter for cats exclude any nasties, but it actively neutralises and detoxifies ammonia, so you never need to worry about chemicals again! Cat parents with allergies and sensitivities can breathe easy, with a fresh, clean and chemical-free home.

All Pet Solutions have carefully developed our best cat litter product ever to provide the ultimate in convenience for you and comfort for your kitty. With either a five or ten-litre option, you can choose the best size for your home and your cat litter tray.

The powerful clumping performance

Ensuring that your cat litter box is quick, easy and fuss-free to empty, with a low dust formula. This keeps any particles from your litter cats getting into your home, as well as being kind and gentle to your fluffy one's paws! Choosing cat litter with outstanding clumping makes it easy to scoop, and minimises mess and bad odours.

Even the most pristine of cats will be delighted with the gentle texture - but you'll need to watch out for sleepy kittens that decide to make their silky smooth litter their new favourite nap spot!

As you'd expect from the ultimate litter for cats, our Premium Clumping Litter has outstanding odour control; so your kitty can live harmoniously without any smells reaching your family or any unhappy paws needing their litter changed. This works through the unique formula of activated carbon, for a natural cat litter box with a proven odour seal to eliminate bad smells for up to 24 hours.

Choosing the longest lasting option for your cat litter box means that you can save on costs, need to change your cat litter tray less often, and with the advanced clumping action have the luxury of no more messes to deal with!

Happy paws make a happy home

Our best cat litter yet will ensure even the most discerning felines are content.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think - take a look at our brand new Premium Litter.

All Pet Solutions Clumping Cat Litter With Maximum Odour Control 5L

All Pet Solutions Clumping Cat Litter With Maximum Odour Control 10L

All Pet Solutions Clumping Cat Litter With Maximum Odour Control 20L