New Pet Product Arrivals at AllPetSolutions - Winter

We're hitting 2022 in full swing, with a huge range of incredible new pet products to keep your fluffy friends happy.

Welcome to our round-up of our favourite new AllPetSolutions designs, developed to start the New Year with a waggy tail, a contented purr or a rustle of cheerful wings!

Smart Garden Birds Feeders

Winter isn't the kindest season for our stunning native wild birds, so it's a great time to invest in new birds feeders and stock up on fatty suet, nutritious seeds and tasty nuts.

Our brand new Wild Bird Seed & Nut Feeders come in two sizes, with a weatherproof metal finish and a removable lid - keeping your birds feeders safe from predators but easy to refill.

Visit our range of Bird Feeders here to order yours!

Cosy Beds for Snuggly Kitties

Does your cat love to while away the winter in their toastiest spot?

The new 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel Toy and Bed features everything you need from quality beds for cats with removable bedding, a play tunnel and a pop-up design.

There is even a set of cute hanging ball toys to keep mischievous moggies entertained!

If your kitten spends the summer outside, you can fold up your bed and play tunnel for easy, simple storage and pop it open again when it's time for a nap - check out the best-selling beds for cats in our online catalogue.

Plush Toys for Playful Pups

Not forgetting our canine companions, we're pleased to introduce some fantastic new plush dog toys and dog toys with squeakers to keep your puppy busy.

Our new Sunflower Snuffle Mat is a must-have for excitable dogs, as a perfect mental stimulation game (that's also machine washable!) - choose your new dog toys here!

If you have an accident-prone pup, a dog that's coming into season, or a golden oldie that needs a bit of extra help, the AllPetSolutions team has also designed a new and improved dogs nappy to keep spills at bay.

We're also excited to introduce a new Silicone Slow Feeder Mat, complete with slow feeding dog bowls to keep mealtimes under control with a non-skid mat that you can pop in the dishwasher.

Finally, if you're training a tugger, we have launched a brand new range of gorgeous pastel colours in our selection of rope dog leads.

Rope leads for dogs are the ultimate tools for walking dogs that tug or pull, with natural, strong fibres to keep up with even bigger breeds while soaking up the shock to keep your shoulders happy.

You'll find plenty more inspiration at our full Rope Leads for Dogs product selection!

Remember, if you need any help choosing the right pet products for your animals, you can contact the AllPetSolutions team at any time for advice from the experts.