New Pet Product Arrivals at AllPetSolutions - Summer

After an exciting summer of furry fun, the AllPetSolutions team is pleased to introduce some of our brand new designs and quality pet products bound to bring a wag to the tail of your pawed friends!

Pet-Friendly Staycation Essentials

First up, let's talk about travelling with pets - something that's undoubtedly a lot more enjoyable when you're well prepared.

Our fantastic new Quiet Time Crate Cover is perfect for nervous pups that find the car a little stressful.

Blanking out external stimulation, with the option to roll back the cover when it's time to explore, is a great option to make crates more relaxing, whether you're whizzing off for a weekend at the beach or settling down for a peaceful evening at home!

After a long day on the coast?

Pick up a super-absorbent Noodle Glove Dog Drying Towel to save your car from salty spills.

Relaxing Beds for Calm Dogs

Next, AllPetSolutions has just launched our expanded dog beds and accessories range, with bestsellers including:

  • The snuggly soft Micro Fibre Grey Noodle Pet Mat, designed with intelligent noodles to collect mess and keep your home clean and fresh.
  • Our luxurious Duke Memory Foam Sofa Dog Bed - created for pampered pups and golden oldies that deserve a premium bed for their evening snooze.
  • Handy spares for mucky doggos, with the Grayson Dog Bed Replacement Cover a perfect solution for washdays, complemented with the Replacement Fleece Topper.

Grab yourself one of our fresh new dog bed designs, and you're sure to enjoy a quieter evening wind down after those essential zoomies!

Getting Our Pets Prepared for Autumn

While it feels like autumn is a few weeks away, we all know how quickly the cold creeps up on us!

Luckily, AllPetSolutions is ahead of the game, with our extremely cute Dog Puffer Jackets, a wonderful winter warmer in sizes Small through to Large.

In Cream, Grey and Brown, the puffer looks stylish while keeping your paws warm and dry!

Finally, let's not forget our moggies, which also need a little extra entertainment while they're spending more time indoors out of the rain.

Check out the Foldable Crinkle Play Cat Tunnel for an innovative game station to keep kitties engaged, with fluffy hanging balls, two windows, and a great place to chase, hide, play and pounce!

We hope you enjoy browsing our latest additions and are always on hand if you need any advice in selecting the best products for your pets!