Do All Cats Need Litter Trays?

If your kitty spends the majority of their time outside, it's still best to have a cat litter box indoors that they can easily access.

That's because, even if they go to the toilet outdoors, they will still need to have an indoor option if they wish - even if they use it only occasionally!

For example, an outdoor cat might choose to use a hooded cat litter tray indoors if:

  • There are new cats in the neighbourhood, and they're feeling anxious.
  • Noises or traffic are putting them off, and they need somewhere safe to go.
  • Accidents happen - at any age! Having a good quality litter scoop to hand makes them much easier to deal with!

It's a bit like having a bed for your pet, even if you find them sprawled on the sofa more often than not. If they don't have indoor facilities when they need them, it can cause behavioural issues, stress and mess that you can avoid.

Choosing a sturdy cat litter box and using litter tray liners will ensure your kitty feels comfy, relaxed and stress-free when they're at home - whatever else is going on in the great outdoors!

How Can I Encourage an Outdoor Cat to Use Their Litter Box?

If you have a moggie who loves to explore and pops back for their tea, you might feel frustrated that they're neglecting your carefully chosen cat litter box in favour of your lawn or flower beds!

The best way to encourage your kitty to use their litter tray is:

  • Clean it regularly and use a soft, clumping cat litter that is non-toxic and soft under paw, but also easy to clean and keep fresh.
  • Put your litter tray somewhere warm, quiet and safe. The best cat litter trays for nervy cats are enclosed boxes or those with high sides where they don't feel overlooked when doing their business.
  • Reward them for good behaviour! Cats will be more than happy to use their litter tray if they know there is a treat or cuddle in store for them.

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