Monthly Round Up of New Pet Product Arrivals at AllPetSolutions - October!

Autumn is drawing in, which can only mean one thing - all NEW product selections at AllPetSolutions!

Every season we look to the newest design innovations, the smartest AllPetSolutions products, and the best brands in the market to continually update and expand our impressive range of pet supplies.

October is set to be a bumper month; so whether you're looking for some doggie Halloween treats or revamping your aquarium ready for the winter, we've got you covered.


Starting with aquatics, we are beyond excited to launch our very own Ultra Clear Glass Nano LED Tanks.

Available in both classic black and contemporary white, our LED Fish Tank aquariums combine the very latest in aquatic technology with low-iron glass for a crystal clear view, and high-performance LED lighting for an advanced quality aquarium habitat.

Cats & Dogs

Moving on to our fluffy friends, AllPetSolutions are delighted to welcome Royal Canin to our catalogue. As a veterinary-produced nutrition programme celebrating over 50 years of happy tummies, our canine specialists are pleased to expand our dog food selections, including specific blends for Ageing Dogs, Mummy & Baby Pups, and XS breeds.

While we were adding new brands to our dog food range, we have also expanded our Harringtons products! This is a fantastic brand for pups with allergies or intolerances, with carefully made soya and dairy-free formulas for sensitive dogs. You can find the new Lamb & Rice and Turkey & Veg Harringtons blends live on the AllPetSolutions site.

To complete our trio of new dog products, our canine team have also extended our Scruffs range, with the latest luxe dog and cat beds - the Velvet Donut makes a perfect snuggle spot as those nights start to draw closer!

Last, but certainly not least, we've also extended the AllPetSolutions Tropiclean range, with outstanding grooming products and healthcare ranges for canines and felines.

With delicious scents, natural ingredients and powerful performance, we recommend the Oatmeal & Tea Tree Itch Relief Shampoo for pups sensitive to those autumnal pollens, or the Papaya & Coconut 2-in-2 Shampoo & Conditioner for kittie coats that are glossy, smooth, and snuggly to cuddle.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our newly updated catalogues, and remember all orders placed before 4 pm receive same-day shipping as standard!