How to Keep Mice and Rats Away From Bird Feeders?

Placing a few sweet birds boxes in your garden is a brilliant way to attract the diversity of British wildlife to your home.

Feeding the birds makes your outdoor spaces brighter and more colourful, with a morning chorus of happy feathers!

The issue for many bird lovers is that your bird feeder may invite less welcome pests, and leaving out food for birds can make those gentle feathered friends a target for predators.

Tips to Keep Your Bird Feeder Safe from Mice and Rats

AllPetSolutions understands that you need birds boxes to protect tiny bundles of fluffy joy and have a huge array of Wild Bird Boxes and Feeders to fit the bill.

Hanging birds boxes are perfect, or you can use Bird Feeders with a cover or weather guard (like a plastic dome!) that keeps your food for birds sheltered from rain and snow while repelling mice and rats.

Where to Place Bird Baths Away From Pests?

You can add all sorts of Bird Accessories to bring life to your garden, such as bird baths to keep dusty feathers satisfied or nesting boxes for springtime chicks.

Raised birdhouses are an easy way to keep them out of sight, or a squirrel baffle is more than a funny name!

These devices prevent rats, mice and squirrels from climbing up to reach your favourite spots for feeding the birds.

How Can I Leave Out Food for the Birds Safely?

A seed tray is a perfect option if you have lots of mice in your garden - rodents are drawn to the food for birds, so having a simple tray underneath stops the nuts and seeds from falling to the ground.

A Wild Bird Food is ideal, packed with the healthy fats and nutrients birds need to stay warm and well, even in the depths of winter!