How to make your car pet friendly

Everyone looks forward to holidays but getting to your destination can be stressful. Whether you’re getting out of town just for the weekend or you have a longer holiday planned, it’s a good idea to consider your pet’s safety and comfort before you go.

Don’t forget these five pet travel essentials before you go:

1. Pet Carriers & Seat Belts - it’s important both to your human and pet passengers that you safely restrain your pet in the car. Not only will your furry friend be safer in the event of an accident or sudden stop, but you’ll be less distracted while you’re driving.

 Pet carriers are great for cats and smaller dogs. Some of our carriers are airline approved so they can fit neatly in the cabin whilst being big enough for your pet to be comfortable. Pet backpack carriers are another great choice for shorter trips and flights.

A bag carrier such as Fauna® dog and cat comfort carrier with open sides means your pet can breathe easily and has many viewing angles.

For bigger dogs pick car crates that you can place in the boot of your car. Alternatively, larger dogs can be secured with a dog seat belt. Remember to use it with a car safe harness like the one from Clix for maximum security. You might also want to look into a seat cover for your car, such as All Pet Solutions hammock car seat cover as your pup will no doubt make himself at home in your backseat during the trip.

 2. Travel Feeding Accessories - carry a collapsible pet bowl for water and food breaks. Remember not to let your pet begin a trip on a full stomach, as this could make them nauseous.

 3. Pet Toilet Essentials - accidents happen and with the added stress you might want to stock up on poop bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies and travel pads.

 4. Calming Treats – some treats can help your pet stay relaxed during pet travel. The Beaphar Calming Cat Treats use valerian, hop flowers and Melissa. These natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals promote relaxation and restore calm during stressful situations. For canine friends, the Forthglade Calming Treats with Camomile and Lemon Balm are a great choice as they work to ease tension and calm your pup.

 5. Toys - Your pet’s playthings are a definite must-have when traveling. Bring along your pup’s favourite squeakers and chew toys, and pack your cat’s treasured catnip toys such as the King Catnip’s Banana Toy. Keeping your animal entertained can reduce the stress they might feel while staying in a new place.