Households Purchase 3.2 Million Pets in Lockdown

Here at AllPetSolutions, we've always known that having pets can do wonders for your happiness, home and health!

It seems that millions of people are catching on, inspired by increased time at home during the pandemic - with a reported 3.2 million homes adding a pet to their families.

However, a fluffy friend isn't just for lockdown, and it's vital to grasp the responsibility you're taking on before buying or adopting any animal.

Let's look at these recent trends and what you need to know to make sure you have everything you need to welcome a new pet into your home.

Lockdown Pet Ownership Statistics

The Pet Food Manufacturers Association reports that there are now 17 million UK homes with a pet, with most new owners being young people aged 16 to 34.

Many of those pets will be rescues, and cats and dogs have been rehomed from shelters in huge numbers.

Still, there remain concerns about the ongoing commitment required and whether owners who have taken on a pet due to increased time at home or loneliness will be able to look after them long term.

  • Around 30% of new pet owners say it is like having a baby.
  • 20% of families with children reported finding training challenging.
  • About 5% of pets brought during the pandemic have already been given up.

Those figures might be worrying, but the overwhelming trend is positive, with 74% of new pet owners saying that, despite the difficulty of adjusting schedules, budgeting, and training, they found that their pet has positively impacted their mental health.

Advice for New Pet Owners!

The best way to ensure your new pet has a happy life is to make sure you're well prepared. That means:

  • Budgeting for the costs of pet food, de-flea treatments, leads and vet treatments.
  • Choosing one of the best beds for dogs so everyone can get a good night's sleep!
  • Stocking up on dog toys, especially for energetic puppies - a tired pup is much less destructive, and keeping them mentally active is just as important as a good amount of exercise!

If you've taken on a new canine family member, you'll need to decide who will walk them each day and at what time. Once you get into a routine, the increased exercise and fresh air will quickly become one of the most joyous parts of your day!

For cats, you'll need to invest in a cat litter tray and ideally luxury cat beds to ensure your feline companion feels relaxed and settled in their new home.