Can I Litter Train My Rabbit?

Yes you most certainly can littler train your rabbit, in fact there are many rabbit litter trays to purchase on the market today. Most of these come in the shape of a corner so you can fit them to one side of your rabbit's hutch, tucked out the way.

How do I train my rabbit to use the litter tray?

In the wild rabbits will have a designated toilet area, so this habit can be easily taken advantage of. If you have had your rabbit for a while you will be aware that he/she prefers to go toilet in one corner of the hutch, if your rabbit is new, it might take them a few days to settle in and establish their corner. All you will need to do is simply put the litter tray in the corner where your rabbit goes to the toilet most often and hope that it will continue to do its business in the litter tray that is provided. Make sure to get some rabbit-safe litter, you can start off with simple newspaper first so your rabbit gets used to the tray. Keep some good quality hay or snacks by the litter tray, rabbits often like to graze whilst doing their business! To help guide your rabbit to the litter tray it can also be worth putting some of their pellets in the tray so the scent is familiar to them already.

If your rabbit has a lot of space around the house or garden, it may be a good idea to set up a few trays up at first in the spots it will most often frequent. It is difficult to litter train rabbits that are un-neutered as they will often pee and poop in random areas and not in their designated litter spot. The only cure for this is to have your pet neutered‚ it is much better for their long term health also!

You can also use a positive training system, in that every time your rabbit uses his/her litter tray, give them a small treat, this will create a positive reinforcement and increase the behaviour in the future.

It is important to bear in mind the unneutered rabbits are very hard to litter train, neutering is also better for your rabbits all round health if you are not looking to breed from it.