Keep Your Cat Safe During Christmas

Christmas is brilliant fun for us humans but trailing fairy lights, synthetic plants, and plastic wrapping can all be more dangerous for our kitties than we might imagine.

This cheat sheet from AllPetSolutions runs through our top tips for a feline-friendly Christmas that your paws will love as much as you!

How to Make Your Christmas Tree Cat-Safe

The biggest risk with Christmas trees is that your cat will follow its instincts to climb and scratch! However, if you have plastic baubles, lit candles or strings of lights, they can pose a serious problem.

To make your Christmas tree safe, use a sturdy base. A screw-in metal base is best for real trees, or a weighted base for an artificial tree to ensure it doesn't tip over.

Always be observant if you light candles, avoid fake snow and ensure your cat beds are in another room overnight, so there isn't any temptation to chew!

Better yet, some strategically placed cat toys or a fun scratcher will take the focus away from the tree but try not to leave your cat alone with the tree unsupervised.

Poisonous Plants for Cats at Christmas

Beautiful poinsettias, holly and mistletoe, are all Christmas classics but they can cause stomach upsets and even digestive blockages if left in an accessible place.

Cats shouldn't chew any festive plants because the sap causes irritation. Although most cases of poinsettia ingestion are not severe, it isn't something you want to chance!

Stress and Anxiety for Cats During Christmas

Cat Toys can double up as a playful gift and give your cat something to focus on if the chaos and noise of Christmas are becoming too much. We'd recommend cat trees with scratching posts and a seating area higher up so they can take themselves somewhere quieter if they're becoming stressed.

Consider having Cat Stands in calm rooms, so your kittie has a safe space, particularly if there are other pets or boisterous kids prone to chasing!

Another great way to protect a worried cat is to choose Cat Beds with a cube shape or a roof cover so they can retreat into their sanctuary (with a few cat toys to keep them busy) until the festivities have died down.

How to Dress Your Cat for Christmas Safely

Popping a few cat Christmas gifts under the tree will be sure to keep them purring, and we stock a brilliant range of Christmas Presents for Cats!

If you decide to dress your cat up for Christmas, you should be prepared to immediately remove any hats or jumpers if they get too hot or uncomfortable and ensure your cat cannot get hurt quick-release cat collars are essential.

Always keep an eye on your cat while they're dressed to impress, and make sure they can jump, run, and use their litter tray without any restricted movements.