How Do You Keep Indoor Cats Entertained?

It's essential to provide plenty of toys, games and mental stimulation if you have a kitty that lives predominantly indoors - boredom is a downward spiral that prompts a whole host of unwanted behaviours!

This quick guide from AllPetSolutions looks at:

  • What toys does an indoor cat need?
  • What is the best toy for a cat?
  • How can I entertain a cat when they're home alone?

Let's run through the ideal cat tunnels, scratching posts and toys cats love to keep them purring all day long.

What Toys Does an Indoor Cat Need to Stay Active and Engaged?

Every moggy is different, so their favourite cat toys might depend on how they play - does your cat love to chase, hide and pounce, or are they more interested in climbing and playing with a cat scratching post?

Check out our huge range of Cat Toys if you'd like inspiration!

The key is to make sure your pet isn't just physically exercising but that their smart furry brains have challenges to solve.

Our Interactive Treat Puzzle Game is a brilliant option and will keep a busy mind occupied for hours.

What is the Best Toy for a Cat That Lives Indoors?

The best cat toys usually involve climbing and hiding - encouraging those instincts that keep felines of all ages young at heart!

We love the Cat Climbing & Scratching Tower since it provides multiple cat toys without requiring tons of space.

Another solution is the Crinkle Play Cat Tunnel; it's one of our best-selling cat tunnels and can be folded away when you're playing with cat wand toys.

How Can I Keep an Indoor Cat Entertained When Home Alone?

When you're home with your cat, a Cat Wand Teaser is a fun way to interact and make the most of your time together - but what if you're heading out for several hours a day?

Our advice is to make sure you have a scratch post for cats - you'll avoid furniture damage and stop cats from climbing the walls (or curtains!).

The best scratching posts for cats are tough and resilient, so a good investment in their comfort and happiness will last for years.

Have a restless moggie who doesn't seem interested in even the best cat toys? Pop on background music, hang a pet hammock next to your windows, or rescue a friend to keep them company!