Introducing the Automatic Feeders at AllPetSolutions

Automatic feeders for dogs and cats are an excellent way to manage mealtimes for your fluffy companions!

Whether you're working away from home, need to measure out a controlled diet, or have a fussy pet that requires feeding on a fixed schedule, they work a treat.

Our latest ranges offer a massive variety in automatic cat feeders - with some incredible product options!

  • LED displays with timed settings for automated food dispensing.
  • WI-FI and camera technology to keep an eye on your pet when you're out!
  • Voice recordings to help your cat settle, and tell them what a good puss they're being.

The beauty of an automatic feeder for cats is that it's all pre-programmable, so you never need to worry about running late for teatime, or getting stuck in traffic.

AllPetSolutions dog automatic feeder range offers the same variety of technology, with dogs bowls that carry up to six meal times worth of food!

Canines thrive on routine, so whatever your day throws at you, the dog feeder station will deliver on command, or according to your schedule, providing dinner for hungry tums.

Benefits of Using Automatic Feeders for Pets

There are lots of reasons you might consider a programmable food bowl:

  • Ideal for weight management, dispensing portioned food.
  • Helps to slow down eating for pets that gulp their meals.
  • Convenient power options through batteries or mains plugs.
  • Disassociates you from food - no more paws in your face at 5 am!
  • Gives you peace of mind that meals will be dispensed automatically.
  • Can be personalised, with voice messages and commands.
  • Controlled remotely via an app if anything changes in your routine.

Whatever your dog or cat's preferences, your feeding station is customised to their needs!

Check out the complete ranges of Dog Automatic Feeders and Cat Automatic Feeders, only at AllPetSolutions.