What Do Indoor Cats Do at Night?

Many cats live primarily indoors, and that might be the safest option if you have a breed that doesn't like to roam, or if you live in an urban area where there are too many hazards to let your cat outside.

Given the naturally nocturnal nature of cats, you can find that they don't wind down at the same time of day as you!

If your kitty is disturbing your sleep patterns, there are a few things you can try:

  • Choosing super comfy luxury cat beds and putting them somewhere reserved for night time use!
  • Investing in some play toys, mental stimulation games and exercise toys to keep your cat active during the day.
  • Using a box-shaped cocoon cat bed so that you can get some peace and quiet even when your cat is busy next door.
  • Placing their cat bed away from your bedroom.

Why are Cats Noisy Overnight?

There are no limits on the activities they could be getting up to! Typical behaviours include:

  • Nibbling your toes.
  • Pouncing on the bed.
  • 'Hunting' sleeping fingers.
  • Noisy play sessions.
  • Vocalisation with their neighbours.

If you have a great cat bed in another room, along with toys, water and treats, your cat is far more likely to use up all their beans while you sleep, and then have the option of catching up on a few winks themselves!

Washable cat beds are an excellent solution for nocturnal cats, and if they do have a cat flap and tend to track mud back in the house, are the easiest ways to keep your home clean.

For ideas of luxury cat beds that your kitty is bound to want to curl up in (and let you get your rest!) visit the AllPetSolutions Cat Beds range online.