How to Identify Birds in My Garden?

Wild birds are secretive and shy, so unless you have some appealing bird baths or are in the habit of feeding the birds, you need to move pretty quickly to be able to identify the breeds that are visiting your garden!

However, there are a few great ways to spot your most regular winged visitors - and get them to stay a little longer so you can get a better look and listen out for their beautiful songs.

If you'd like to treat your local wild birds with a bird feeder or want to find some ways to make your garden safer and kinder to native species, have a look at the AllPetSolutions Bird Catalogue for inspiration!

How Can I Spot the Most Common UK Wild Birds?

Let's consider the most common wild birds in Britain to make it a little easier to see which species are hanging around your birds boxes! Remember that leaving out nutritious food for birds is one of the simplest ways to attract these creatures.

  • Boisterous little wrens are among the easiest spots, with their softly brown round bodies, pointy beaks and loud, vibrant song.
  • Robins are world-famous for their cheeky ways, curious faces and bold red chest.
  • Chaffinches are another common breeding bird, with the males having a rusty red colour on their tummies and sides of their heads. Their pretty blue colour is also distinctive.
  • Sparrows are a tiny wild breed, with feathers a similar brown colour to wrens. The difference is with the chestnut wings with white stripes, black bibs and grey caps on the males.

The more often you leave out bird food, the more regularly you are likely to see these species, so hanging a bird feeder is a great way to improve your chances of a rare sighting.

You can also pick up any number of bird accessories, from bird baths to feeding tables and nesting boxes to welcome breeding pairs to your home.