How to brush your cat's teeth and keep them clean

Brushing your cat’s teeth isn’t easy but with the right technique and tools you can learn how to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

1. Get your cat used to the idea of brushing

The best time to introduce your cat to the idea of brushing is when they’re calm and relaxed in a chair next to you or on your lap. Begin by gently rubbing their face and cheeks, when they respond well give them some tasty VetIQ HealthyBites Breath & Dental Cat Treats, which contain natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and breath freshening ingredients

Once they are comfortable move your fingers towards their lips and into their mouth, rubbing your fingers against their teeth and gums. After doing this for a few days add in a soft sponge or gauze. Use this against their teeth, this will also help to clean and remove some of the plaque from their teeth.

2. Introduce your cat to the toothbrushing products

When your cat is used to you handling their mouth, it’s time to show them the cat toothbrush and cats toothpaste. Let them get comfortable and sniff at the toothbrush. Give your cat some of Beaphar Toothpaste For Cats and Dogs to lick in order to accustom them to the flavour. Again, make sure they are comfortable with you going near their mouth and reward them with cat treats for good behaviour. Aim to remove food particles, and reduce bacteria and early plaque formation, helping to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. 

3. Get brushing!

Once they have accepted the cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste, start by slowly brushing their teeth. Work in small circular motions on the front outside of your cat’s teeth, focusing on the gum line as this is where the plaque builds up and gradually work your way around the teeth.

4. Add some other dental products to the routine

Not all cats can get used to the idea of brushing but there are clever ways of helping your kitty to reduce the plaque and bacteria build up.

Chew cat toys such as King Cat Catnip Sticks help floss your cat’s teeth and remove a build-up of plaque whilst the catnip scent is highly attractive and help stimulate natural play behaviour in your cat.

With TropiClean Oral Care Water Additive, your cat just needs to drink from their bowl to benefit from daily plaque and tartar defence.

How often should I brush my cat’s teeth?

Ideally, you want to be brushing your cat’s teeth once a day or every other day for 1 minute. It takes about 48-72 hours for plaque to harden and turn into stubborn tartar. The tartar on your kitty’s teeth can only be removed by a vet.