How Often Should You Replace a Cat Stand?

AllPetSolutions stocks a vast catalogue of cat stands - and you can expect most high-quality cat furniture to last a good two or three years.

There are also options to purchase replacement cat scratcher posts, so if your kittens' claws have done an excellent job on shredding the post, switching it out for a new one is much more cost-effective than purchasing new trees for cats!

Much depends on:

  • How many cats you have - many paws make light work!
  • The size and breed of your cat - some breeds are more avid scratchers than others.
  • Your cat's age - older cats tend to scratch less often, or less vigorously than young adults.

No matter how often your cat renders your cat tree scratched out, it's essential to make sure they have a cat activity centre.

This gives them somewhere safe and cosy to sleep, allows them to scratch and play, and saves any damage to your furniture and carpets!

What are the Longest Lasting Cat Stands?

Again, it's all dependent on the energy your kitty puts into their scratching activities, but some of our best-selling cat activity centres are designed to last for the long-term:

The Large Jumbo Cat Scratching Post comes with a play ball to keep the grumpiest of moggies young at heart and has a super-wide scratch post that will take them a long time to work through.

Try the Hanging Cat Scratcher for an alternative; with a cute mouse toy to ignite your felines' catch instincts, this keeps your cat's claws far away from your valuables, and can be moved around the house and hung wherever your cat prefers to play.

We also stock replacement scratching posts, which are ideal for larger cats who have taken out their energy on their cat furniture, and provide a quick solution to keep their claws entertained!

Check out the full AllPetSolutions Cat Stands range for more product ideas!