How Long Should You Use Puppy Pads?

Puppy house training might feel like you're in it for the long haul; but if you've had a small set of paws before, you'll know that it's over in a flash (and we're all reminiscent of those early days, floppy ears and crazy chewing, even if it feels a bit stressful when you're in it!).

The best advice to take away is that puppies are, in their fluffy way, a little like children - they all learn at their own pace, they WILL catch on eventually, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to understanding their personalities and growing together as a furry family!

Most pups are potty trained at around six months as an average.

Still, it can take much less time, or over a year - particularly for teacup breeds with tiny bladders that need to reach almost adulthood before they can go a few hours without an accident!

Our advice is never to take away the puppy training pads until you are sure your doggie is ready. Too soon, and you can damage their confidence and undermine months of positive reinforcement, to find yourself back at square one.

How Do I Know if My Dog Is Ready to Progress from Puppy Training Pads?

Firstly, we'd recommend stocking up on a decent supply of pads. Our Bumper Puppy Training Pads come in packs of 100, in sizes small and large, and are far more economical than buying smaller packs every few days.

Next, you can try a puppy toilet training spray to help explain to your pup where you'd like them to go, and avoid causing them distress if they are confused.

A Toilet Training Bell is also an excellent investment! You can use clicker training to teach your pup to ring the bell when they need to go, or slot if over your door handle to their regular outdoor spot - dogs will recognise this reasonably quickly and save a lot of messes (and problem barking if they're really getting desperate!).

In short, there isn't a set time when you should stop using puppy pads. If your pup waits for one to be put down before they go, they could equally have held their bladder until you let them outside. Likewise, if they can go all night without using the pad, and do so regularly, and consistently, it might, at last, be time to hang up the puppy house training pads.

For more ideas and resources to help with puppy house training, visit the AllPetSolutions Toilet Training range.