How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Eating So Fast?

Cats that gobble their food can become surprisingly unwell, particularly if they eat dry complete cat or kitten biscuits. Problems include regurgitating food that hasn't been properly digested, stomach and throat issues and behavioural challenges such as food guarding.

One of the easiest ways to combat rushed eating is to feed your cat or kitten in elevated bowls, use an automatic cat feeder to dispense gradual, smaller portions, or pick cat food bowls with raised inserts, called slow feeders.

Are Cat Slow Feeders Good for Cats?

Absolutely yes! Cat food bowls that prevent a kitty from gulping can immediately stop them from eating so quickly they experience painful side effects such as bloating, indigestion and vomiting - and they're also a really fun way to make dinner time more exciting!

Our range of Cat Bowls and Feeders has a huge array of styles and designs, so you can pick cat food bowls that are perfect for your feline.

Can I Put Wet Food in a Slow Feeder?

Elevated bowls and slow feeders are ideal for any texture food, whether you feed your cat wet or dry or a mixture of the two.

The AllPetSolutions Elevated Diamond Bowl is an excellent option for wet food, as you can pop the inner bowl in the dishwasher after dinner, ready for breakfast the next day.

How Do Interactive Puzzle Feeder Toys Help With Cat's Digestion?

Interactive feeders challenge your kitten to explore shapes, find biscuits, or slide parts of the board around - this slows down their eating significantly, provides beneficial mental stimulation and means they get a task to complete before they earn each mouthful!

Another fantastic solution, if you're out of the house, is to use a Cat Water Drinking Fountain and an Automatic Pet Feeder.

An automatic cat feeder combined with a water fountain for cats is a great setup and means you don't need to worry about your cat scoffing their whole day's worth of food in one sitting, with LED lights and a voice recording option to let your kitten know when dinner is served.