A Stress-Free Guide to Fish Pond Maintenance

Every garden pond needs a little TLC now and again to keep it healthy and clean!

While nobody looks forward to getting their feet (well, hands!) wet, it is part and parcel of maintaining that beautiful garden pond scape, and a little goes a long way.

AllPetSolutions recognise that with so many pond treatments, types of pond pumps and pond filters it can feel like a big responsibility - but with regular cleaning and the right tools, keeping your pond clean is simple.

Keep It Clear 

A lot of the problems with overworked pond filters and needing regular pond treatments comes from dirt, debris and sludge. While pond filters will need replacing now and again, you can keep the work down by taking care of branches, leave and twigs.

Netting the surface of your pond and skimming off any old plantlife regularly doesn't just keep the surface clear, but reduces the amount of leaves and vegetation that end up decaying on the bottom and make cleaning such a big job!

If you top up the pond water once a week that also prevents it going stale, helps improve oxygenation and can be done weekly at the same time as netting off any falling debris.

Use Great Quality Pond Filters and Pond Pumps

Your pumps and filters do a lot of the work when it comes to reducing waste and improving water quality - and if you take good care of them, they'll take the strain!

Cleaning your pond filter, particularly during your spring clean, and in autumn and winter when it has to work extra hard, will extend its lifecycle and help keep the water clear.

Make sure your pond filters:

  • Are suited to the size and capacity of your pond.
  • Have the right sort of filter - such an auto-cleaning, pressurised or box filter.
  • Get new filter media when the old media starts to show signs of wear.

Pond Treatments for Regular Upkeep

There are tonnes of algae treatments for ponds if your water is looking green, as well as pond treatments for problems such as a blanket weed. If you spot a problem, using a pond-specific treatment will clear it quickly, and save overworking your pond filters and pumps.

However, if you give your pond a weekly clean, net off any debris, top up with fresh new water and keep your filters and pumps clean, you're in an excellent position for stress-free pond ownership.