New Grayson Luxury Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed at AllPetSolutions

AllPetSolutions are delighted to launch our newest and most advanced dog beds ever!

The Grayson

It's as comfy and practical as it is innovative and combines the ultimate in memory foam technology with our expertise in designing canine speciality bedding. This range has been specifically designed for large dogs, currently in two impressive sizes;

Grayson - Grey Luxury Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed 80x55cm

Grayson - Grey Luxury Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed Extra Large 120x80cm

What's it made of?

With a smart warm grey tone and a super-soft fleece lining, the Grayson luxury dog's beds looks great in any home and come in two sizes to perfectly fit your pup.

Dog Beds made from Memory foam an intelligent material that actively responds to body heat to adjust in flexibility to adapt perfectly to your dog's shape and size, providing them with a cushioned luxury pet bed that encourages the comfiest naps and the very best night's sleep!

Our luxurious dog beds work hard, and these orthopaedic mattresses are of the highest quality. Ideal for older canines or furry friends who suffer from aches or injuries, the Grayson soothes conditions including arthritis, hip dysplasia and back pain. Helping those long limbs relax.

Every doggie needs their own safe space, and our best dog bed yet provides a premium option, with structured sides for a secure and enclosed cocoon.

Since the happiest of dogs can also be the muckiest, our new stylish dog beds are simple and easy to clean, with a removable cover and fleece, all being straightforward to machine wash!

The Grayson is also a multi-functional dog bed, with removable padded side panels, making it quick to remove the memory foam base and pop your new best dog bed into a crate or car to take your dog's comfort with you on your travels.

Which Dogs will like it?

Whether you have a pampered puppy or a golden oldie, the Grayson is one of the best beds for dogs and provides a fresh, convenient design with premium comfort and intelligent materials.

Luxury pet beds are about more than a good night's sleep - these dogs beds for sale enhance and ease the wellbeing of your beloved pooch, making them feel cosy and loved whatever the weather.

Check out the Grayson Grey Luxury Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed now, and bag one of our most popular luxury dog's beds today.