How Do I Get My Kitten to Use a Collar?

When your kitten is young, it's important to introduce a new cat collar slowly, for fear of scaring them and associating collars for cats with something frightening! Tiny kittens may have never seen a collar, so taking it gently is the perfect approach.

Is it OK to Put a Collar on a Kitten?

Collars for cats can be an important safety element, particularly when they are little and more prone to getting lost, stuck, or forgetting their way home. Our advice is to allow your kitten to smell and explore their collar first or leave it with their bedding, so it has a familiar, friendly scent.

However, it's also essential to consider sizing, as kittens grow incredibly fast, and a collar that fits perfectly at three months will soon get too tight check the collar regularly.

Make sure to pick Cat Collars with a quick release catch; this stops your kitten from getting hurt if they catch their collar on a branch, fence or anything else.

What Age Should I Put a Collar on My Kitten?

Most pet experts recommend using a kitten collar no earlier than two months; they shouldn't roam outdoors before they are fully vaccinated, in any case, and need all their wits about them by the time they're allowed to venture outside!

If in doubt, a great alternative can be to use a harness for cats instead, an easier option if you're introducing your cat slowly to the big world. You can train kittens to return when called, using a harness as a teaching tool.

Can Cats Wear Harnesses?

Walking a kitten on a harness is highly preferable you can't safely attach a lead to a kitten collar as you might with a puppy or an older cat. Harnesses for cats should be snug enough not to slip off but not overly tight, giving room to move and play while preventing accidents or escapes!

Many Harnesses for micro-breeds and smaller dogs are ideally sized for kittens, with soft lining and reflective strips that help prevent them from getting into trouble.