Flying With a Dog in Cabin 2022

Looking to travel abroad this summer, and need to know what size dog can fly in cabin spaces, what size pet carrier will fit under an airplane seat, and should dogs stand in airline carriers?

Read on for all you need to know about flying with a dog in the cabin, compiled by the canine experts at AllPetSolutions.

What Size Dog Can Fly in a Cabin on Flights to and From the UK?

If you have a service dog, they'll be allowed on most airlines (and probably won't need to be stashed in soft dog carriers!). All other animals have to be in a safe dog airline carrier and should be up to six or eight kilos depending on the company you pick.

Generally speaking, UK airlines don't allow any non-service pets, but you'll find a few EU companies that are a bit more flexible - check the list below!

Our advice is to make sure you select soft dog carriers that are secure but cosy. The Fauna Dog Cat Comfort Carrier is a great option.

Should Dogs Stand in Airline Carriers & What is the Maximum Crate Size?

If you're travelling with your doggo, you'll need to ensure they have an airline approved dog carrier with enough space to stand up and make a full turnaround.

Although a relaxed pooch might not want to stand up, it's important they can move about and won't be physically restricted!

Larger dogs are normally more comfortable in a bigger travel bag for dogs - you can check out the exact dimensions across our comprehensive range of Airline Carriers to ensure your pup will have a smooth flight.

Each airline is different, so it's wise to measure your dog first (nose to tail, height and shoulder width) and then pick a carrier that will permit a large enough crate for your pet's wellbeing.

What Size Pet Carrier Will Fit Under an Airplane Seat (& What is Allowed)?

There are only currently three major airlines that will let you have a pet airline carrier in the cabin:

  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • TUI

You can travel with your pet in an airline approved dog carrier, provided they don't weigh over eight kilos. You need to book directly with your flight company - it's usually easiest to work with an experienced pet export provider!

Carriers for small dogs need to be soft and small enough to fit under a seat, so a max of 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches (remember, they can't leave your dog airline carrier throughout the journey!).

Our Fauna Pet Carrier is a perfect option and easily fits those dimensions.

Most pet owners prefer to use a larger travel bag for dogs stored in the cargo hold; they are strapped down in travel kennels, much more spacious and restful.

Still, if you need your fluffy friend next to you (or they have a condition that makes that necessary), you won't have any problems, provided you use the right carriers for small dogs.