Find Your Perfect Dog Breed

There's little doubt that the thump of a happy tail, a smiley face to greet you at the door and the friendship and love a dog will show you make for a content home.

But how do you know which is the best dog breed to choose? Do you see yourself walking a tiny teacup Yorkie, or teaching agility to an energetic Collie? Is a rescue dog right for your family, or do you want a lively puppy?

AllPetSolutions have created our guide to help you decide which dog breeds are right for you.

Choosing The Best Breeds of Dogs

We all know that owning a pooch means a long-term commitment. Before deciding which dog breeds to shortlist, have a think about what you can offer, and what type of pup would be content to join your family.

For example:

  • Are you considering large breed dogs who will need long walks every day?
  • Do you travel regularly and want those dogs small breeds you can take with you?
  • Are there existing dogs, cats, kids or small furries in your home?
  • How much space do you have, and is there a garden which medium dog breeds and large breed dogs will need to run around in?

There are other practicalities to consider, such as dog breeds with particular health needs and diets, such as Pugs and Bulldogs.

Some medium dog breeds such as Whippets and Greyhounds need walking twice daily, but prefer short sharp bursts of activity than long leisurely walks.

You will also need as a minimum, things like a bed, collar and lead, food bowls, food and potentially lots of other equipment - crates, treats, training aids, puppy pads, toys, deflea and wormer.

Deciding the Right Breeds of Small Dogs for You

Many first-time dog owners opt for dogs small breeds, which are typically more manageable than an oversized Newfoundland or Dane.

When thinking about a budget, remember that large breed dogs eat a LOT and will therefore need a higher weekly budget to account for their dog food and treats.

However, you can also find some amazing rescue dogs, both adults and pups, most often mixed medium dog breeds, who always need a good, caring home and will offer limitless love and affection in return.

There is no one best dog breed, and every canine is a wonderful pet to bring joy and friendship to your life, but by thinking carefully about the best breeds of dogs for your family and home, you are assured of a happy furever after.