New Pet Product Arrivals at AllPetSolutions - February

The sun is creeping out from behind the winter clouds, the first shoots of spring are emerging, and we've got a huge line up of brand new pet products at AllPetSolutions!

It's All About Cats!

We are delighted to introduce some brilliant new cat toys online, as well as functional items like the best cat litter trays and litter scoops to make cleaning easy breezy and ensure your home (and your paws) are all ready for the new season.


First up, let's talk about toys cats love to play with that bring out their inner kitten and save your furniture from claw marks while they're at it!

  • Our fantastic Cat Wand Teaser Toy is a delight for felines of all ages and a brilliant way to interact and have quality game time with your kitty. An elastic string on toys for cats makes the feather, mouse and cat head attachment spring about to your cat's delight!

Cat Litter and Training 

Next in the announcements list, we've turned our attention to clumping cat litter, with best-sellers like scented cat litter being top of the shopping list for spring cleaning time.

And, what better way to celebrate the warmer weather with a fab cat litter box with a super-smart exit hatch and odour fighting Carbon filter!

  • Check out the AllPetSolutions Grey Cat Litter Box for the latest hooded cat litter tray that is as fun for your paws as it is simple to keep clean.

Finally, with our thoughts on all things fresh, our feline team has added an outstanding new option for litter tray liners that save your litter scoop from working overtime and avoids any messes being tracked through your home!

  • The Cat Litter Mat Catcher features a unique honeycomb dual-layer design that catches any stray pieces of the litter with zero waste or mess. Simply pop the excess back in with your silica cat litter, and you're good to go!

We hope you love the new pet product arrivals as much as we do here at AllPetSolutions. Happy shopping, and let us know what your favourite furry felines make of their new treats!