How to Encourage a Dog to Use a New Bed?

All dog owners have been there; you decide it's time for an upgrade, buy snuggly quality dog beds, only to find that your pups gravitate right back to their smelly old blanket - or forgo the bed altogether!

Some canines will sleep on the floor next to even the best dog beds, rather than accept their new nook.

The problem is that dogs are sensory creatures, and unlike humans won't be taken in by a new bed on sight alone. They need to get used to the smell and texture of their new dog cushion beds, and until they are confident it is safe, are unlikely to use it.

Five Ways to Make Your Pups Accept Their New Dog Beds

  1. Firstly, they need to be confident that the new dog mattresses don't bite! Put their old blanket, a sheet or cushion in the bed, so there is a sense (or scent!) of the familiar.
  2. Reward your dog with a healthy treat to help associate their new bed with positive things.
  3. Put the bed somewhere dry, warm and safe where your dog feels comfortable.
  4. Check the bed is the right size - not too small or too big!
  5. Leave some of their favourite toys in the bed, and leave them quietly to explore at their own pace.

The good news is that your pooch will soon become used to their new sleeping quarters, so the key is to be patient, and understand that they're likely to be a little suspicious at first.

How to Choose the Best Dog Beds for Your Dog

AllPetSolutions has a vast range of pet beds for dogs so if you're stuck working out what size or type of nest to get for your pop, check out the Dog Beds Range for inspiration!

Dog mattress beds like the Bella Large Pillow are ideal for larger breeds and can be moved easily if your pup settles on a new spot.

Soft and squashy dog pillow beds are ideal for retaining warmth, and the Grayson Luxury Memory Foam dog bed option has a removable fleece topper for easy cleaning.

Tinier paws will love the reassurance of a cosy nest away from noise and disturbances - take a look at the Charlie Chunky Knit design, available from size Small upwards!

Whichever bed you choose, if you let your dog investigate this new addition, they'll be snuggled up and snoring happily in no time.