New Elevated Dog Bowls at AllPetSolutions

Welcome to the AllPetSolutions newest range of raised dog bowls - we are proud to introduce some of our freshest designs, most exciting models, and bestselling lines!

Why Choose an Elevated Bowl?

An elevated bowl for dogs is an excellent idea for so many reasons. They keep your floors clean, help larger breeds to eat without straining their necks, prevent leaking and drips, and are an essential part of a dog feeding station for pups with digestive troubles.

Raised dog bowls are also perfect for canine owners who find it tricky to get down to the floor to clean up any messes, or need to have an accessible-height dog feeding station!

Designs To Suit All Dogs

The All Pet Solutions Elevated Adjustable Raised Dog Bowl is the result of careful design, testing and analysis of how the top raised dog food bowls should perform. They look modern and smart, so are a stylish addition to your home, whilst offering the best functionality possible.

In both Medium and Large sizes, we recognised that having an adjustable dog feeding station makes it easier to tailor your elevated bowl for dogs to precisely the right height for comfortable meal teams.

This range comes in both black and white, has a hand 4-fold base with anti-slip feet, which protects your floor whilst it enhances your doggie's mealtime experience.

Designs To Suit All Houses!

We also recognise that a lot of stylish pet owners want compelling design, and so have designed our Ripple and Diamond raised dog food bowls for pups that benefit from eating a little slower, but also have an eye for the fancier things in life!

The Diamond range has an eye-catching bevelled edge, and Ripple has a contemporary feel that looks like a miniature art installation. So your fluffy friend knows they have the best dog feeding station on the block.

Having an integrated stacked raised base is ideal for golden oldie canines, and of course, every one of our designs is dishwasher safe, made from non-toxic materials, and is non-slip as standard.

Check out the full range of AllPetSolutions raised dog food bowls at our online catalogue!