Top Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy at the Beach

As the weather warms, there is little better than taking your pup for a coastal walk or enjoying the sights and smells of Britain's beaches!

However, it's essential to think about potential risks and ensure you have all the right equipment so that your pooch can enjoy the beach safely.

Sea Safety Guidelines for Dog Owners

Many dogs love a dip in the ocean or to chase a ball into the waves. Still, it is vital to be cautious about bringing dogs on a beach where there are high waves, undercurrent or unpredictable tide patterns.

Having a good quality dogs harness and extendable or long line leads for dog family members are great ways to ensure that your canine can't get into trouble!

It's also worth checking out the tide timetables, particularly if you visit a beach where water could cut off footpath access at high tide.

You should also always bring fresh drinking water and keep an eye on your dog to make sure they aren't tempted to try and drink the seawater!

Watch out for seaweed and sea creatures too. Canines love to chew and smell unusual objects, but there is a high chance these delicious treats will make them very poorly.

Beach Etiquette for Walking a Dog

As well as being cautious about risks from the sea and things your pup might find on the beach, you'll need to ensure you visit a dog friendly beach.

Many local authorities have rules about the times of the year when dogs are permitted on the beach or specific parts of the seafront that are open to pet owners.

You will also need to ensure you have plenty of poop scoop bags, a towel (leaving saltwater to dry on fur can cause skin irritations) and doggie sunscreen if you're heading to the coast in hot weather!

The best dog friendly beach destinations will have plenty of shady areas for your dog to cool down on a hot sunny day and ensure you have the best time playing in the sand together! It's also a great idea to think about investing in a cooling mat for dogs to ensure your pup doesn't overheat.