A Dog Owner's Guide to Playtime

Having a pooch brings fun, chaos and lots of playtime to your home - and playing with your pup keeps them entertained, mentally stimulated as well as physically active; and might just help you to get out and about more too!

Dog toys are always the best option for doggie playtime. Chewing toys for dogs are designed especially for their teeth and gums and avoid any potential of choking hazards or small parts when playing with regular toys.

Why Is Playtime Important for Dogs?

Playing is always fun, but there are some really important reasons to encourage your pup to be active.

Some of the benefits to regular play include:

  • Health benefits, including heart health, strong joints, and practising good balance and coordination.
  • Mental health benefits resulting from encouraging your pooch to use their instincts, reaction speeds and brainpower to solve puzzles.
  • Bonding, with play helping your dog to spend quality time with their family, and for pups to practise social interaction and good responsiveness to instructions.
  • Social skills - particularly playing with other dogs helps every canine to understand dog etiquette, what the rules of the game are, and to feel comfortable and confident engaging with other dogs.

Making time to play with your dog is also great for your health - being active, chasing and throwing are good for physical and mental health in humans.

We have all heard of therapy dogs, and it is no secret that their loving and playful nature provides a generous boost of endorphins to their families, who benefit hugely from the joy and de-stressing qualities of a good game.

Why do Dogs Love Dog Squeaky Toys?

Every pup loves to catch and chase, and so dog squeaky toys tap into their natural instincts. Tactile textures and exciting squeakers encourage the most laid back of dogs to get chasing!

For the best dog toys for chasers, and some hilarious playtimes, check out the KONG toys - we love the Honkers Turkey and the Fuzzyard Mutella!

How to Play with Your Dog

There are so many ways to engage and bond with your mutt! Tug of war games are great for growing teeth - try out the Tugger Knots Monkey!

Chasing games keep your dog lively on their toes and are also a way to teach recall and how to recover thrown balls. To help them learn quickly, consider using a training whistle or a fun chasing toy such as the Trixie Rubber Ring dog toys.

Dogs love to play hide and seek, and while they might find the game a little too easy to play with their humans, hiding treats or toys are perfect for smart breeds who need the mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

The Trixie Strategy Game is a great example of toys for dogs that keep their canine minds engaged.

What are the Best Chewing Toys for Dogs?

Little chewers can make a big mess, so choosing the best dog toys helps to soothe teething pains, and protect your home from damage.

Toys for dogs like this large ring for big breeds, or a natural chew like the Yakers Dog Chew will help soothe those troublesome teeth, and give your dog a great time chasing, running and catching!