Do Dog Cooling Jackets Work Well?

Doggie cool coats are ideal for summer days, and can also be great for pups with illnesses, recovering from surgery, or with stiff, inflamed joints - so aren't only for those glorious sunny days when the temperatures reach new heights!

A dog cooling vest is reusable, easy to use, simple to clean, and can be 'recharged' by popping it in the freezer or topping up with cold water.

Pups don't regulate their temperatures quite as we do. That means that overheating is a serious, and potentially deadly occurrence, and it's just as essential to help your paws keep their cool as it is to help them stay warm in the winter.

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How Do Dog Cool Vests Work?

Cooling vests are fantastic for dogs with thicker coats, or any ailments since they quickly bring down your canine's temperature without any chemicals or medicines.

The gel inside the vest stays cool for hours at a time and is usually stored in the freezer overnight.

You can also try cooling blankets, with the same gel technology - these are great for older pups with stiffness or muscle pain, and they will happily lounge on their mat to get relief from any aches.

How Can I Help My Dog Cope with Arthritis in the Winter?

Dog cooling vests are often used in the summer, and provide natural and gentle relief from symptoms such as inflammation, pain and soreness, all of which our golden oldies tend to suffer with.

It's vital to keep your paws dry and warm in the winter, as the cold can quickly seep in and leave them feeling under the weather.

Try the AllPetSolutions Waterproof dog jacket with a soft fleece liner and waterproof outer to keep your canine friend cosy and dry throughout the wetter months.

The Ancol Heritage Quilted Coat is excellent for dogs that need a little extra warmth in the winter, or the cute Red Cable Knit Jumper is great for lazy days by the fire!