How to Make a DIY Dog or Cat Advent Calendar

We all love to treat our fluffies at Christmas - after all, they shouldn't miss out on all the festive fun!

A DIY pet advent calendar is a fantastic idea to involve all the family in creating something truly special (and handy for pets with allergies, restricted diets or particular preferences).

Here's how to make yours courtesy of the crafty team at AllPetSolutions.

Animal Advent Kit List

You'll need a few bits and pieces to create your personalised advent:

  • A dry branch or length of foliage.
  • Twenty-four envelopes or wrapping paper (NB, go for a plain brown paper if you're going to invite your pet to open their parcels!).
  • String or ribbon and a marker pen.
  • Sticky tape or glue to fasten the string, and tacks, nails or adhesive strips to hang your finished masterpiece.

Choosing Advent Treats for Cats and Dogs

Step one; choose accessories and gifts that you know your lucky pet will love.

Let's run through some of our top advent fillers that are small enough to hang on your calendar.

Dog Treat and Cat Treat Selections

Cat nip is always a winner for felines - check out the Organic Catnip Dental Chew Sticks or browse our Cat Treats full range for more ideas.

For dogs, you can go for any Dog Treats your pup enjoys, or the Christmas Dental Treats assortment comes with a cute tin you can use again to hang on your tree.

Special Dog Food or Cat Food

Some portioned luxury food is sure to signify that it's a beautiful time of year.

If you're not sure which Dog Food or Cat Food will work, take a look at these products for inspiration:

  • Cesar Foil Packs are a great option, with 14 small packs.
  • Tuna Fillet Strips will make dinner more exciting than your regular cat food.
  • A tin of Gourmet Gold Cat Salmon is sure to interest even the fussiest feline.

A Stylish New Dog Collar, or Smart Cat Collars

A bonus for a jingly bell!

New collars are lightweight and ideal for advent gifts - take a look at the AllPetSolutions Padded Nylon Eyelet Dog Collar Red for a jolly feel in a deep rich red.

Small Dog Toys and Cat Toys

We have wonderful seasonal toys in stock, so you can alternate between treats, toys and accessories to keep your advent opening varied!

  • The Jingle Santa Catnip Cat Toy is a perfect boredom buster.
  • An Elf Catnip Toy is soft and cuddly and stuffed with enticing cat nip.
  • King Catnip Play Bubbles are great fun - for you and your kitty.

If you're a dog parent, how about the Festive Candy Canes Dog Toy, Reindeer Thrower Dog Toy, or a Santa Squeaky Ball is a perfect size to slot into a smaller hanging package.

A Comfy New Dog Harness

Christmas Eve is the big one - so save your best surprise for the 24th if you're picking up a snuggly new dog harness!

AllPetSolutions has a huge range of Dog Harnesses in our selection - or if you're short on time, the Red Tartan Dog Harness is available in Small to XL and a pupper in checks is always charming.

Building Your Pet DIY Advent Calendar

Creating your calendar is simple. Pick up a long branch in the park or on your next dog walk, and loop it with the string in varying lengths.

Wrap each dog treat or cat nip surprise in brown paper or slot into an envelope, and label each with numbers 1-24.

Tie the wrapped dog collar or cat toys to the branch (you can snip a tiny hole in the packet to thread through, or use glue or sticky tape).

If you're feeling creative, why not add fairy lights or holly leaves to get into the spirit!

Presenting Your Dog or Cat Christmas Calendar

Your animal advent can be hung up with a couple of nails, tacked to a pinboard, or hung from a door frame - as long as it's somewhere safe and out of temptation's way!

Give it a go - and please share your amazing animal advent with the AllPetSolutions team through our socials.

If you have any other merry ideas, we'd be delighted to hear your suggestions and see different ways we can make Christmas a fun time for every family member, no matter how many feet or paws they walk on.