Turning a Crate into a Cosy Den for Your Dog

At the end of a long day, every pup likes to snuggle down in his or her own safe and comfortable space. 

Dog crates are ideal for pooches of all ages; having their own private den helps dogs to wind down, feel settled, and relax without any stimulation interrupting their rest time.

Particularly puppies, nervous dogs, or rescues benefit hugely from the peace of mind that a secure space brings to every naptime. Travel dog crates like the Fauna Lightweight are dual-purpose and can be folded up to take with you on your travels too.

The Benefits of Having a Crate for Your Dog

Every pup needs to be able to decompress, and learning commands, following instructions and interacting with people and other pets takes a lot of mental energy.

A crate isn't just for sleeping but should be a comfy space where your dog is free to relax and to let go of the mental alertness they need to have at all times to make sure they are doing as they are asked.

Benefits for both you and your dog include:

  • Space to decompress and de-stress, especially when training or learning new things.
  • Help with toilet training, with even small pups able to learn how to hold it until they are outdoors again.
  • Being able to take your pup on outings without leaving them behind - having a familiar crate, bed and toys can also ease any stress of travelling.
  • Privacy and safety of having their own space away from the stimulation of a busy home.
  • Security when coping with anxiety, or during times when loud noises are causing distress, such as during firework season.
  • Ability to close the crate if you're away from home, or need to keep your dog safe and away from potential health hazards when not under supervision.

What Size Dog Bed Do I Need?

There is a balancing act in choosing dog beds large enough for your pup to sleep in, without being so big that they feel a little lost. The ideal fit is when they can comfortably stretch out but still touch the furthest sides.

Soft dog beds or dog blankets can be used alone, or in a crate to make a soft and comfy space. Have a look at the Charlie grey chunky knit blanket or the Luxury Soft Puppy Blanket in aqua for great options. 

Choosing a snuggly blanket that is also washable is a great way to make your dog feel relaxed while offering the ultimate in convenience when any accidents happen!

Is Crate Training Good for Puppies?

Using a crate is a great way to help your new paws settle in, and can be essential if you have an escape artist on your hands, or a canine recovering from an illness or injury! The safety of a secure crate can be enhanced with soft dog mattress beds and cuddly dog toys to help keep your pooch entertained. 

Older furries also need a calm place to relax, and orthopaedic dog mattress beds like the Grayson are ideal for helping them get a good nights sleep.

For pint-size breeds, small dog beds like the Bella will slot ideally into their crate for the ultimate cosy den.

Large dog beds are perfect for bigger breeds, and dog beds with soft pillowing will turn their crate into a den you'll want to share! The Alfie Large Pillow Bed is perfect for super size pups. 

Make sure your dog crate is somewhere quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of your home, and is always open, so your dog has somewhere peaceful to chill out when they need a rest.