What Type of Collar is Best for a Cat?

Every kitty is different, and while we know cat collars are essential to keep them safe, it's not always easy to make a fast choice!

Here we'll run through the best types of cat collar depending on your favourite feline's lifestyle and personality.

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Best Cat Collars for Nighttime Prowlers

If you live anywhere there is likely to be traffic; a reflective cat collar is a must. They are much easier to see in car headlights, meaning that your feline is always highly visible, and also makes them easier to find with the aid of a torch!

We have a vast range of reflective collars, including the Blue Fish super cute design, the Ancol Gloss Reflective range, and our favourite Silver Star Safety Collar with navy reflective detailing.

Best Cat Collars for Adventurous Kitties

While cat collars are there for their safety, tree climbers and adventurous cats can find themselves in trouble if they get their collar caught or snagged on a root or branch.

A quick release cat collar is ideal, and avoids the potential dangers of a collar - making sure you have the perfect fit is also the best way to prevent any disasters!

Best Cat Collars for Distinguished Felines

We love a bow tie cat collar and have some stylish designs for cats with style.

Check out the Turquoise Polka Dot safety collar, or the Black and Red Polka Dot Bow Tie Collar as some of our best sellers!

Best Cat Collars for Avid Hunters

A cat collar with bell attachments is perfect if you've had your fill of 'presents' arriving on your pillow!

The soft twinkling bell alerts smaller animals to your cat's presence and prevents them capturing any tiny mice or birds to bring home.