What Clothing Do I Need for a Dog?

We get it - you've got an adorable puppy, cannot wait to dress them up in the cutest outfits, bow ties and hats, but realise you aren't sure what clothes they need - and whether your breed will be comfortable in a dog coat to start with!

Firstly, let's think about the breed of dog you have, and what sort of protection they need from the weather.

Dog jackets and jumpers for dogs are ideal for short haired breeds that need help to keep warm and dry. That doesn't just mean toy breeds and poodles, but any dogs that have very thin coats. Pups who will benefit from an extra layer or two when it gets cold include:

  • Greyhounds
  • Norfolk Terriers
  • Toy breeds
  • Whippets

The next thing to think about is what weather your pup is exposed to. Suppose you live in the Highlands or the Brecon's. In that case, you're probably going to need a great thermal dog coat for any breed, since those regions are very likely to experience heavy snow and freezing temperatures during the winter!

What are the Best Dog Coats for Puppies?

Next up, if you have a tiny pup who is just venturing out in the world or an older dog who's joints get stiff in icy weather, they might feel a lot happier with waterproof dog jackets.

Most medium to large full-grown adult dogs won't need a dog coat unless it's incredibly bitter out there (but there's no denying they don't look sweet in a chunky sweater or a fleecy winter coat!).

The AllPetSolutions Dog Coats Range includes a vast array of designs, colours, styles and sizes, so it's best to have a browse before deciding on the right dog coat for your furry friend.

Our AllPetSolutions Waterproof Warm Jacket is suitable for even bigger mutts with a hi-vis trim, waterproof material, a soft, snuggly fleece, and is machine washable too! The ideal reflective dog coat.

If you have a smaller canine, the Red Waterproof Jacket in size Small measures 25 cm long, and is easy to fit with a zip line to thread your lead through, and adjustable press studs to get a snug fit perfect for your pup.

Should you not be sure on sizing, we'd highly recommend getting out your tape measure, as the right fit will ensure your dog coats last for years to come!