How Often Should I Change or Clean My Dog's Bed?

We all change our bed sheets regularly, but often don't consider whether our pets' beds need a clean too!

The AllPetSolutions team regularly receives enquiries about dog beds with removable covers, and the easiest ways to freshen up a washable dog bed, so we've summarised all you need to know about keeping your pup's bed smart and clean!

Is a Weekly Clean About Right for a Dog Bed or Blanket?

In short, if you've got a very mucky pup with a penchant for the grubbier parts of their walk, you likely need to clean their bed at least a couple of times per week. In that case, the most convenient solution is to choose an easy to wash dog bed that you can clean and dry within a day.

Alternatively, if you're struggling with a stinky pooch, it's always a good idea to have a full spring clean and wash them whilst you're there! Check out our Grooming Ranges online for some safe, skin-friendly options.

Most dog beds need cleaning around weekly, or perhaps fortnightly. Peaceful older canines tend to keep their sleeping quarters in good nick. Still, an enthusiastic puppy is very likely to have an accident from time to time - and so a dog bed with washable cover is going to save a lot of problems!

Which Dog Beds are Easiest to Clean?

There are many different options; if you're not sure what size, shape or texture dog beds with removable covers you'd like, you can visit the full AllPetSolutions Dog Beds range for a few ideas!

Our Alfie Soft Dog Bed, ideal bed for small dogs right up to large dogs and is 100% machine washable for a quick spruce up.

If you have an avid drooler and need a large washable dog bed, the Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed is a great option! The memory foam is perfect for stiff joints and has a zip-off cover that can be cleaned in any washing machine.

The Bella Dog Bed is another alternative, going right up to XL, in a creamy blush or a cool grey colour. With a non-slip base, soft fleecy lining and machine washable fabric, it's an easy-breezy solution.

For any advice about a waterproof or washable dog bed for your pup, feel free to check out the full Dog Beds Catalogue or get in touch with the AllPetSolutions team!