How Do I Clean My Aquarium?

Cleaning your fish tank is deceptively easy - the secret is to have a set routine, and to keep on top of it!

By regular, gradual cleaning you keep aquarium water treatments to a minimum (aside from dechlorinating tap water) and maintain a peaceful and happy aquatic environment.

What Equipment Do I Need to Clean My Fish Tank?

Cleaning depends a little on what sort of aquarium you have - marine, tropical freshwater fish or a coldwater ecosystem. For any aquarium, you'll need:

  • Water - pre-treated with a dechlorinator and left to reach room temperature.
  • Bucket or large bowl.
  • Sponges for glass cleaning.
  • Gravel vacuum for cleaning the gravel in aquarium floors, and ornaments.
  • Aquarium filter media replacements as required.
  • Ideally, a siphon filter to help transfer old water out of the fish tank.

When you have all the aquarium cleaning equipment to hand and make sure to clean it after each use, it makes the job much easier!

Cleaning Gravel in Aquarium Settings

A gravel vacuum is well worth the investment; you can use this weekly to clean the aquarium substrate, and also use it for your monthly clean to give ornaments and toys a good going over.

Remember to go slowly and gently, so you don't disrupt the water too much!

How To Clean Aquarium Glass

Cleaning glass is best done with a sponge, wearing rubber gloves and using water. You can use a plastic scraper for any harsh residue.

Another option is to use an algae pad, which is an aquarium safe scourer, and perfect for removing stubborn algae residue! However, you have to make sure not to get any gravel or aquarium sand in the pad, as this can scratch the glass.

You can also use cleaning magnets such as algae magnets to clean glass. With one inner and one outer magnet, you can get your inner glass clean without dipping a single finger!

When to Change Fish Tank Water

Each week you should aim to replace around 20% of your aquarium water with fresh supplies - you can take out around 20% of the old water while you're cleaning.

Simply prepare tap water with dechlorinator aquarium water treatments, leave to stand until room temperature, and add slowly to the fish tank.

Aquarium Filter Maintenance

Filters should always be cleaned out at least once per month to keep them working well.

Check on the aquarium filter media, and when it shows any tearing or wear, it's time for a replacement - some foams can be changed piece by piece rather than all at once to keep that ecosystem balance!

As long as you regularly clean and freshen up your aquarium, keeping it clean is a breeze. Be wary of cleaning fluids, as a lot of household cleaners are dangerous for fish.

Fish safe cleaning sprays are your best bet or an algae pad or magnet for toxin-free cleaning. If you need any more help or advice, get in touch with the AllPetSolutions team!