How to Change Puppy Pad Locations Around the House?

Puppy house training is mainly about consistency and patience; so what can you do if you need to make changes to your designated puppy pee pad spots?

Not to worry, there are a few ways to teach your smallest furry that where you'd like them to go is changing!

  • First, don't remove the existing pads altogether until you're confident that your pup has cottoned on.
  • Gradually move the puppy pads in the previous spot towards the new location - you won't need to do this an inch at a time. Still, it helps avoid confusion and stalling the training process if there is a pad somewhere reasonably close to the original training location.
  • Use positive reinforcement to help your pup associate doing their business with a verbal command, not just their puppy pads. Telling them they are a good dog each time they go, or using a phrase such as 'go potty' or 'wee time' will mean they get the message even if the location is slightly different.

In this situation, a puppy toilet training spray will do wonders for your puppy's confidence!

Every tiny canine wants to be a good boy or girl, so using a spray in the 'right' place will ensure they know they're using their puppy pads correctly.

Try the Simple Solutions Training Aid Spray, and use it only in the place you'd prefer your pup uses!

One pad that smells interesting, and one that doesn't will differentiate between the previous location of your puppy training pads, and the new position.

How Many Puppy Training Pads Do I Need?

This question is easy - it's always much more than you think! Imagine your puppy goes on a pad every four hours, every day; that's six pads minimum per day, and more if there are any splashes to deal with!

At a rate of at least 42 pads per week, it's highly cost-effective to purchase a bumper value pack, rather than need to run to the pet store every few days - or risk a disaster if you've run out.

Our huge 100 packs come in a smaller Pack of 60 x 40 cm Pads for littler paws, or a generous Pack of 60 x 90 cm puppy training pads for bigger breeds.

For more ideas about ways to speed up your puppy house training, visit our comprehensive Toilet Training range today!