Should Cats Wear Collars?

A cat collar is essential for any domestic cats, and is vital whether you have a house cat or an adventurous kitty that roams the neighbourhood!

  • Cats without a collar can be mistaken for a stray, and taken to a shelter or into a home.
  • Lost cats can become disorientated, so a collar will identify that they are someone's pet.
  • Reflective cat collars are vital to road safety and make your feline highly visible.
  • Cat collars can be equipped with a tag with your phone number, so you are quickly reunited if your cat gets lost away from home.

There are thousands of options to choose from, and a lot depends on your kitty's personality, how often they head out and about, and where you live.

Which is the Best Collar for My Cat?

Let's run through a few scenarios to help you choose!

Reflective cat collars are essential if you live in a town or city, and your kitty heads out the cap flap. The Ancol Reflective Safety Buckle option comes in pink, yellow, hi-vis green or grey for traffic safety.

A cat collar with bell is excellent if you have a secretive kitty that tends to hide away in discreet spots! Our own branded Cat Collars with Safety Release have a tiny bell to help you find your mysterious moggie, as well as a quick-release cat collar fastening.

Bow tie cat collars are ideal for felines with attitude, and smarten up even the grubbiest of rescue cats!

Are Cat Collars Dangerous?

We'd always recommend looking for cat collars with a safety buckle, or quick release buckle. These are important since cats can easily get stuck, for example catching their collar on a tree branch.

Fast release cat collars breakaway quickly, and ensure that if your kitty gets into a spot of bother, they will be able to get away fast without causing injury.

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