Do Cats Actually Use Cat Beds?

Do Cats Actually Use Cat Beds?

Even if you've invested in the best luxury cat beds money can buy, you might still find yourself cleaning fur off of your furniture, and shifting a heavily snoring kitty off of your pillow at bedtime.

The trick is to find a cat bed that your feline genuinely likes - and encourage them to sleep somewhere other than on top of wardrobes, or on the sofa!

Cats are individuals, and so a lot depends on their personality. Some love nothing more than to cosy up by a blazing hot radiator - in which case a radiator bed is a fab solution! These hook over radiators, so your kitty is out of the way, snuggly and warm, and not on your bed!

Other felines prefer not to sleep on a cat bed at all, which might be why they're commonly found elsewhere.

It's worth considering a cat mat or blanket as the best cat beds for kitties who like to sprawl out, and feel confined in a round bed.

What Cat Beds Are They Most Likely to Use?

As we've seen, there isn't one size fits all in the world of felines; so it might be trial and error, or watching your cat to get an idea about how they like to sleep and choosing the best bed to suit!

Most cats love igloo or cave beds, with a secret hideaway hole they can peek out of to see what's happening.

You can also try putting your cat bed higher up in your room, perhaps on a dresser, as many feel safer sleeping at a height rather than on floor level - particularly if you have young children or dogs who are likely to disturb them!

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