Do All Cats Need a Cat Stand?

Every feline is unique, and with strong personalities, you might find that your cat prefers to sleep anywhere, but their cat stand!

That said, the vast majority of cats love having a safe, snug sleeping space. Cat stands with toys, a large cats scratch post and plush linings are activity centres, resting areas and encourage felines to chase, sharpen their claws and explore all at once.

There are a few things to consider if your cat doesn't seem bowled over by their cat tree:

  • Moving location - the ideal place is quiet, away from foot traffic, secure from other pets (yep, I'm talking about lively dogs!), and isn't drafty or directly next to a radiator.
  • Change the height - cats prefer to be higher up, and have zero fear of being right up next to the ceiling! A lower cat activity centre might be ideal for kittens, but adult cats might like to be further away from the action.
  • Add toys - our best-selling cat furniture is multi-purpose, with beds, hidey holes, dangly balls, tunnels and a scratch post for cats claws. Even serious felines love to play and catch, so if you add some sensory toys, you're sure to get their attention!

What Sort of Cat Stand Do I Need?

For larger cats, it's worth thinking about the size of the platform on your cat stand, and whether any snugs have plenty of room for them to snuggle up. Most kitties have an uncanny way of squeezing their fluff into the tiniest spaces, but it doesn't hurt to check that your chosen cat tower measures up!

Some cats also prefer to keep an eye on the comings and goings of their family. An option such as the trees for cats, the Tree Tower Scratching Post is excellent, as it has both a hidden cubby and an open platform, so there is a range of places for your feline to rest.

Chilled out fluffs sometimes prefer to be in easy reach of a tummy rub, so if your kitty likes to be in the thick of it, check out the Baza Scratching Post with a smart hammock for a pampered paws to relax whenever the scratching tires them out!

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