How to Prepare for Your Cat's First Few Days

Bringing a new kitten home can be incredibly exciting, but it's important to be conscious that your new kitty will feel a little scared and unsure while in new surroundings.

Depending on the age of your kitten or adult cat and whether you have other pets to show them the lay of the land, there are all sorts of strategies to help a new kitty feel right at home!

How Long Does it Take for a Cat to Fully Adjust to a New Home?

The reality is that a new cat might be lord of the manor in an hour or two, or they might need a few weeks or months to come out of their shell.

Cats are notoriously complex creatures, and it's impossible to know how their personality will manage new people, pets, sights and sounds!

How Can I Help a New Cat Settle Quicker?

A new kitty should have a quiet, safe space for at least the first week or two, with a cat litter box, cat bed, and cat toys - if they have any toys already, all the better!

New environments can be overwhelming, so a calm place where a kitten can eat from a Feeder Bowl or automatic cat feeder whenever they're peckish without being forced to interact is perfect.

Make sure to pop in and freshen up the cat litter, but don't be tempted to try and entice a kitten to play with cat toys from day one if they seem a little shy.

A few Food Treats can work wonders, so it's always worth offering some tasty cat food treats to show that you're one of the good guys!

What Is the Best Way to Comfort a New Cat?

Your new cat bed should be somewhere peaceful - we'd also suggest putting a cat scratching post somewhere undisturbed so they can express any stress safely.

Our Cat Stands are a great spot for new kitties to observe their new home and gain confidence!

It's best to invest in new Litter Boxes, Cat Toys and cat bowls without the scent of other cats (which can be a little scary), and you can try an Automatic Pet Feeder to get your new paws familiar with your voice.

The best advice is to give it time and allow your new kitten to explore at their own pace - it'll be no time before they're snuggled on the sofa as if they've been there forever.