New Cat Scratching Posts

AllPetSolutions stocks a full range of Cat Stands and cat scratchers, an excellent way to prevent your kitty from exercising its claws on your furniture. However, a cat tree is also a fantastic way to give your cat a safe perch to feel relaxed and escape the hustle and bustle.

Cats also benefit from cat scratchers with interactive toys, providing mental stimulation and helping them use their natural prey drive; without bringing home any less-than-tasty presents for their owners!

We are delighted to introduce a newly expanded range of scratching posts, including the popular Small Cat Climbing Tower in Cream with an integrated sisal board and ball toy built with eco-friendly, cat-safe products for a healthy, energetic feline.

What Type of Scratching Post Is Best for Cats?

Sisal fabric is ideal as a heavy-duty, tough fabric that feels satisfying under claws but has no sharp splinters that can cause injuries.

The newly released Small Cat Scratching Post is a great example, with a durable base and sisal stand featuring a spring-mounted ball for pouncing and catching. Another option is our Small Cat Wooden Scratcher, with a carved wooden base for stability.

Do Cats Really Need a Scratching Post?

They do cats need to scratch regularly to strengthen their muscles and keep their claws sharp and in good condition, but this is also a way to mark their territory and keep a cat engaged and happy.

Cats love little more than cat scratchers (apart from napping!), and putting a cat tree in a quiet spot will stop them from taking out their scratching habits on curtains, carpets, walls and sofas.

Which Breeds Need Large Scratch Posts for Cats?

Bigger cats need a scratching post that can hold their weight and is large enough to accommodate bumper paws. Our Large Cat Tree Tower in Grey is perfect for breeds such as Ragdolls and Maine Coons that would make light work of a smaller cat tree.

You can also use super-sized cat scratchers if you have more than one cat, with plenty of space for multiple cats to climb, scratch and snooze check out the Large Jumbo Cat Scratching Post as a solution for cats that hate to share!

Do I Need Indoor Cat Scratch Posts for Outdoor Cats?

Outdoor cats will often sharpen their claws on trees. However, it's still very worthwhile having cat scratchers at home they can indulge their instincts in a safe place without worrying about challenges from neighbourhood cats who like the look of their favourite scratching spot.