How to cat proof your Christmas tree

Keeping your moggie away from the baubles can be a challenge. Christmas trees are irresistible to them! They are tall, with lots of climbing, hiding and scratching spaces, but there are a few things you can do to deter your kitty cat from them.

Did you know Christmas trees are mildly toxic to cats?

Christmas trees are mildly toxic to our feline friends, and although the sharp ends aren’t the most attractive snack to them, there is still a risk one of those sharp needles could work themselves into a paw and cause severe discomfort.

To avoid this, the answer is simple. Save the trees and buy a fake one. There are plenty of trees available that look real and as well as protecting your cat you are also saving money in the long run. If you don’t want to give up that tradition then ensure that the floor is frequently cleaned to limit the risk of the needles being ingested.

Real trees also have to be placed in a stand with a water supply to keep them looking healthy. To prevent your cat from drinking this and becoming sick right before the holiday cover this with a Christmassy tree skirt and weigh this down.

Cat tower

If your cat loves to climb, make sure you secure the tree or consider getting a smaller tree, which is less likely to get them hurt if it falls down.

It might be that your cat just likes to be up high, if this is the case why not give them their very own observation point? Our large cat tower is perfect for stretching, scratching, playing and napping.

Setting up your Cat proof Christmas tree

When getting ready to decorate the tree take your time. This will prolong the excitement for the family and increase the time for the cats to get used to the tree in the first place.

cat repellent

If you leave the tree alone while pottering around they will do what cats do, whereas if you continuously show interest this will intrigue them more (mainly because the attention is not on them).

There are things you can do to encourage your cat to steer clear of the tree. Most cats hate tinfoil, so wrap it around your tree trunk and spray it with King Catnip’s cat repellent spray.

Decorating your Christmas tree

Try and keep the majority of the ornaments towards the top as this means your curious cat is less likely to reach them. Keep an eye out for glass baubles and bauble hooks, both of which can cause puncture wounds and serious injury.

Catnip spray

Whilst sparkly tinsel might look good on your Christmas tree, it’s a big hazard to your cats. If swallowed, it can cause serious issues including blockage and perforation of the intestines. Try attracting your cat to a different spot in the house using King Catnip’s mist spray or one of our catnip toys.

Finally...don’t stress out!

Your cats are bound to try and climb and play with your perfectly decorated Christmas tree, it’s in their nature. All we can do is make it as safe as possible if they do choose to redecorate.  Life is unpredictable and our purrrfect pets are there to make it more fun.