Top 10 Cat Names 2022 - Girl & Boy!

Are you excited to welcome a sweet little kitten to your family this spring? The pitter-patter of tiny paws and joy of a small furball purring contentedly in their bed is hard to beat, and choosing a name is all part of the fun!

Whether you're after the cutest possible name for an angelic kittie, or something cool to match a laidback feline personality, you want a kitten name that feels perfect.

Here are the top female cat names and boy cat names for 2022, as inspiration from AllPetSolutions to get you started!

What Are the Popular Female Cat Names in 2022?

Female cat names can be silly or sweet, traditional or unusual, and often end up being Disney-related or matched to the colour or behaviours of your new feline friend!

Some of our favourite female cat names can be used for any gender - think:

1. Pepper
2. Coco
3. Merlin
4. Sage
5. Teddy

Want a name that's all gentle licks and furry cuddles? How about:

6. Luna
7. Maya
8. Suki
9. Nala (your kids will know!)
10. Willow

When you're debating kitten names, we'd also suggest you look into a Scratching Post as those baby claws won't stay so little for long.

Which Are the Top Boy Cat Names for a New Kitten?

Boy cat names are equally entertaining - we love:

1. Oscar
2. Binx
3. Smokey
4. Max

They're all classic kitty names that will be a great fit if they're the best kind of boisterous, cheeky and adventurous felines!

Other favourites include:

5. Milo
6. Gus
7. Loki
8. Leo
9. Jasper
10. Charlie

If you have boy and girl kitties, why not make them match? Simba and Nala, Peach and Mario, Ben and Jerry or Cookie and Creampuff work brilliantly.

You can treat them to a luxuriously soft Cat Bed so that your sibling kitties can sleep safely together at night.

How Can I Pick the Perfect Name for My Kitten?

You'll know when you land on a cat name that feels just right for your little paws!

Brand new kittens can be pretty shy and quiet, so we'd suggest waiting a few days until they start to find their feet.

Once that personality starts shining through, you'll soon find out whether you've got a chilled Poe or a silly Smudge on your hands.