What Cat Litter Tray is Best?

There are hundreds of cat litter box options out there - visit the AllPetSolutions range for ideas if you're stuck for inspiration!

We all want the best for our fluffy felines, but knowing which are the best cat litter trays, or what designs our kitties are most likely to use isn't always obvious.

The trick is to think about your cat's size and toileting habits and choose a great spot in your house that is warm, quiet and away from drafts.

Let's run through some of our top-selling options!

Best Cat Litter Trays for Shy Cats

Hooded cat litter trays are doubtless the ideal option for nervous cats. Particularly if there are other animals or children in the house, the roof covering makes them feel safe and secure.

Felines are natural predators and tend not to use a litter tray if they feel overlooked, at risk of attack, or are somewhere noisy and busy.

Best Litter Boxes for Kittens

Let's face it; the cutest of kitten paws is going to make a mess from time to time! We'd recommend a low-sided tray they can easily get into, or a cat litter box that is self-cleaning for the ultimate solution.

Litter tray liners are also a great idea (tip - if you pop some around the litter tray, you'll pick up spills by little felines, and avoid them tracking any messes onto the carpets too!).

Best Cat Litter Boxes for Large Cats

Just as you want a low-sided litter tray for kittens or seniors, large cats need a cat litter box that will give them plenty of room for manoeuvre.

The box needs to be large enough to get into, turn around, and have a little sniff. Have a measure of your cat from nose to tail if you're unsure, and look for a larger cat litter tray model that will comfortably accommodate them, whiskers and all!