New Pet Product Arrival at AllPetSolutions - Modern Cat Litter Box

Our AllPetSolutions brand new cat litter box is like nothing you've seen before! The sleek circular design combines with the finest technology for the best cat litter management, while looking stylish to suit the most discerning of felines!

One of the things we love almost as much as our kitties is new cat products, and our fresh and original design brings a contemporary edge to every home.

Of course, the simplest way to reduce pesky odours, make your cat litter box easy to clean, and keep your paws content is to use a high-performance clumping cat litter. This scientifically-advanced formula reduces smells, is non-toxic for delicate paw pads, and is fuss-free to change.

As experts in feline care, the AllPetSolutions team worked to create a design that seamlessly works with our best selling clumping cat litter, and wouldn't look out of place in the most elegant of kittie lairs.

Design Features

Our brand new Modern Cat Litter Box has an extra-deep design, which means that even the largest of moggies can fit in smoothly. This increased room is also ideal for older cats who need enough space to move around comfortably.

The design is as functional as it is chic, with the circular hood incorporating raised or close positions at your convenience. A smart cat flap at the front ensures that your kitten will still be able to access their cat litter box, but with the privacy that some cats prefer.

We have incorporated an advanced carbon filter at the rear of the cat litter tray, which works in harmony with the best cat litter brands to capture and neutralise odours instantly.

To top off our best cat litter design yet, you will receive a poop scoop included, which can be slotted neatly into the front of the litter box with a handy storage compartment perfect for treats and cat litter cleaning equipment.

Order yours today, and gift your favourite feline with a refined cat litter tray design that brings a touch of class to kittie toilet time.